How to Delete Yelp Account

How to Delete Yelp Account

Yelp is a popular online directory to discover local businesses in your area and leave reviews. Founded in 2004, their main office is located at 350 Mission Street, San Francisco, California, the United States. Today, we explain how to delete your Yelp account in simple steps.

You can search for businesses in each location, read user reviews, and share your opinions through the Yelp website and mobile app. It makes businesses commit to getting more customers and providing better services to them.

Yelp is a great companion for travelers as they can discover top quality restaurants, shopping centers, and other services in unknown places, and even make table reservations with ease.

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Open Yelp on your mobile, pick a location, and type what are you looking for. It displays so many businesses that match your query. As they appear with user reviews and specifications, you can choose the one that suits you best.

They have nearly 100 million unique visitors and around 250 million reviews were published so far. Their service is available in more than 30 countries today.

How to Delete Yelp Account (Personal)

If you decided to delete your Yelp account, follow these steps.

  1. Visit Yelp from a web browser.
How to Delete Yelp Account 2

Tap the login button from the top-right corner.

2. Sign in with your email and password.

How to Delete Yelp Account 3

Yelp also allows you to log in with Google and Apple accounts. Enter your credentials to connect and access your Yelp dashboard.

3. Submit your account closure request.

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Specify the reason you are terminating the account. Click on Send to submit. Yelp will send a confirmation message to your registered email address.

Sign in to your email account and locate an email from Yelp with the subject ‘Yelp Account Closure Confirmation Request’.

How to Delete Yelp Account 5

Open message and click on the link. You will be redirected to a new page.

How to Delete Yelp Account 6

Tap the red button to confirm.

Yelp will immediately delete your account and start deleting data including your reviews, photos, and all other contributions. The entire process will take some days or weeks, but it is irreversible, so make sure that if you really want to close Yelp account and delete data.

How to Delete Yelp Account (Business)

Deleting Yelp Business account has almost a similar process. Even though, their impact is different. Deleting a personal account will also remove your reviews and other contributions, but it not in the case of Business accounts.

Your listing will remain in Yelp directory, even after deleting your Business account. Customers can still read reviews (even negatives) and leave comments about your business. The only change is that, you will lose control of your business account. Nothing else will happen.

Here’s how to delete your Yelp Business account,

1. Sign in to Yelp as a business.

2. Visit this page to submit your account closure request.


Enter your business name and location. Tap search to find the business.

3. Pick a business from suggestions.

How to Delete Yelp Account 7

Hit Select this business to proceed.

4. Enter a reason why you are closing this business account.


Click send to submit your request. Yelp will process your request and get back to you shortly.

If you have any ongoing advertisement campaigns, you should contact Yelp’s customer success manager in advance to cancel ads and close your business account.

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