How to Delete Your Google Search History

How to Delete Your Google Search History

Google search history is clear proof of what you are doing on the web. It will reflect your attitude and cultural standard which will help others to better judge your character.

If someone views your Google search history accidentally, they will know whatever websites you are visiting and what kind of videos you are watching, etc. Do you want it to happen?

By default, Google records all your search queries to auto-fill entries and thereby save your time. So you do not need to enter the same long-tail words in the search box every day, Google will automatically display suggestions based on the first words you entered.

Google search

It is a great feature for those people who have exclusive access to the computer or mobile. Otherwise, they may be in trouble especially if it is a password-free device. In such a situation, others can spy on your browsing activities easily.

Today we’ll tell you how to delete Google search history on desktop, Android, and iPhone.

Delete Google search history

Google keeps a record of all your activities on a separate page, Google My Activity, and allows you to clear them either individually or in bulk from there. It will show your search and browsing history in detail along with the browser name, device type, time of visit, websites, and mobile apps opened, etc.

  • Sign in to Google & visit Google My Activity page to see your Google history and clear unwanted entries from the list in one click.
Google search history

Click the three dots icon from the right-end to clear history by each bundle. Alternatively, click on view more items link to see individual items and delete them one by one.

  • Google shows various options to manage your history on the left pane of the screen. Click ‘Delete activity by’ option to clear activity by last hour, last day, from the beginning, and within a custom range. Choose ‘always’ to delete your entire activity history on web and apps.
Google search history

Click the ‘Delete’ button on the bottom to confirm your deletion.


  • Go back to the previous screen and choose ‘Other Google activity’ option from the left pane to view and manage your activities on YouTube, Google Word Coach, Google Voice, Google Play, etc.
  • On the top, you will see web & app activity section. Click ‘Manage activity’ link under that. You will be directed to a new screen.
Google search history

Choose ‘Change setting’ to enable or disable tracking on web and apps. Once it is disabled, you may not get personalized results across Google services including the search engine. So think twice before disabling the option.

Click on ‘Choose to delete automatically’ to set a schedule until when Google can keep your web and app activities. There are three options available- Keep until I delete manually, Keep for 18 months, or Keep for 3 months. Choose an option and click on Next. Tap the Confirm button to save setting and automatically delete your activities when it is older than 3 months.

The above-mentioned settings are available on desktop, Android, and iOS devices.

Google my activity

Open a browser and visit Google My Activity page from any device to view and manage history.

Enable private browsing

private browsing

Activating private browsing is another way to prevent Google from tracking your activities. All major browsers allow you to browse websites in the incognito mode which is designed to enhance user’s privacy. In incognito, browsers won’t save your activities including history, form fill details, and others.

In Google Chrome, click the three dots icon in the top right corner of the screen > New incognito window to turn on private browsing.

For Mozilla Firefox, click the hamburger icon on the top right > New Private window to browse anonymously.

In Microsoft Edge, click the three dots icon from the top right > New In Private window

In Opera, click Menu in the top left corner > New private browsing window to enable incognito mode.

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