How to Hide Your Phone Number on WhatsApp

How to Hide Your Phone Number on WhatsApp

WhatsApp will be in everyone’s phone bucket. It allows us to make free voice calls and send instant messages to anywhere in the world. The ability to create and manage groups is another useful feature of the app. So we can easily create WhatsApp groups with old classmates, colleagues, family members, etc. to share nostalgic memories and stay connected.

The same grouping feature may create a headache for many of us. Any group member can view your phone number by simply tapping on your profile picture. It will result in getting unwanted calls and messages on your number. Is there any way to hide your WhatsApp number from strangers?

On Facebook, you can hide the phone number from others, including friends. But unfortunately, WhatsApp has no such feature. So WhatsApp users should display their phone number on the profile even though it is a serious threat to their privacy.

Today, we’ll tell you how to hide your phone number on WhatsApp using a simple trick.

I assume you have any of the following before going to the rest of the topic,

  • A Google Voice number or
  • A data card number or
  • An alternate contact number

where you can receive SMS codes

How to Hide Your Phone Number on WhatsApp

Open WhatsApp on your Android or iPhone first.

Change whatsapp number

Tap the three-dots icon from the top right corner and choose Settings from the menu.

WhatsApp number

Click on Account, followed by the Change number option.

hide Whats app number

Enter your current (old) phone number in the first field.

Enter your new (Google Voice or Data card or any other alternate contact number that you use very often) in the second field. WhatsApp will send an SMS code to this number for verification. I used my JioFi dongle (Data card) number to add to WhatsApp and got an SMS verification code on the Jio Call app.

Keep in mind that changing the number won’t affect your current chats and joined groups. WhatsApp will not notify your contacts about the number change unless you want it to do so.

Click on Next.

Whatsapp number change

Confirm changes on the next screen.

Now you will get a verification code on the new number. Enter it in the corresponding box to confirm changes.

That’s it.

Visit your WhatsApp profile, and it should display your new number there. Thereafter, strangers can’t collect your main number from WhatsApp to disturb you unnecessarily. If anyone tries to contact you using the number added, such communications will land in either your virtual number or alternate number. This is the best method to hide your WhatsApp phone number from others.

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