How to Download Private Facebook Videos- 7 Best Tools (Working)

Download Private Facebook Videos

Are you wondering how to download private Facebook videos? Is that possible? In this post, you will see the best tools and browser extensions to download videos from the social network for free.

Facebook is the best place to share memories, photo stories, and videos with dear ones. Upload your content and tag friends to inform them about your posts, and collect their thoughts. Sometimes, you may want to share content with a group of friends or family—due to privacy concerns.

Luckily, the social network offers various privacy options to upload your videos as private, or share them with specific friends only, or hide them from certain friends, etc. So you can share topics related to office projects with colleagues, share information related to family trip on family network, and so on.

Everything has loopholes. There are many spy software available in the market today to track someone’s phone calls, messages, social media activities, and others. Although they were mainly developed for parental control, they are also used to spy on spouses and monitor friends.

Today, you will see the 7 best spy apps to download private Facebook videos from any account, in this post. But before proceeding, make sure that you are not distributing these private videos in any way. They may contain any confidential information that the account holder does not wish to share with others. Violating this may result in legal actions from video owners.

Best Tools to Download Private Facebook Videos

Here’s our list,

1. SnapSave

How to Download Private Facebook Videos

SnapSave is a popular Facebook private video downloader on the web. It is free and allows you to download videos in high clarity—up to 4k resolution.

All you have to do is grab the link of a private Facebook video. Open the downloader and paste your link. It will convert in to ‘view source’ format. Copy the link and paste it in a new browser tab. Press Ctrl + A together on your keyboard to copy entire page source code.

Go back to the video downloader page and paste your page source code there. Click on Download. Finally, you will see a screen like this.


It will show various download formats based on the selected video quality. Click on Render to download and view your video.

2. SaveFrom.Net


SaveFrom.Net is another place to download Facebook private videos. It is simple and easy to use. Open video downloader and paste video URL in the search box.

Wait a moment.

It will fetch and show your target video in no time.


Click the drop-down arrow that appears next to the download button to see all available formats. Pick a video type to download.

3. VidSaver


VidSaver is a free Facebook private video downloader. Enter your private video URL is the search box and hit Go.

Next, it will generate source code of your file. Paste it in a new tab. Collect the entire page source code from there.

Go back to VidSaver and click Next. Paste the page source code that you copied in the previous step and tap on Next, once again. VidSaver will retrieve your video and display all downloadable formats in the last step.

Choose a format and download.


4. Pastedownload


Pastedownload is a free private video downloader for Facebook. It works across desktop and mobile devices. The download quality ranges from 144p to 1080p full HD, in MP4, MKV, and other formats.

Grab your private video URL first. Enter it in the downloader’s search box and hit enter. The software will generate its view source link automatically. Paste it in a new tab and copy the entire code you saw. Go back to Pastedownload screen, paste page source code.

Right-click on the download button and select ‘Save link as’ option to download the video. In smartphones, hold the Download button to get the download link.

5. Download Facebook videos

Download Facebook Videos

Download Facebook videos is a Google Chrome extension to download public videos from Facebook. Install it from the Chrome Web Store. Then, open a Facebook video that you want to download.

It will generate download links in multiple formats. Click a link to download video to your computer.

6. Video Downloader for FaceBook


This is our favorite Chrome extension to download Facebook videos. Install it on your browser and refresh your page.

Video Downloader for FaceBook automatically fetches your feed and display all videos with options to download them. Click on Download to save your file.

7. Facebook Video Downloader

Facebook Video Downloader lets you download Facebook videos for free. It is simple and supports downloading all public videos on the social site.

Open a video and copy its URL. Go back to Small SEO Tools page and paste your video URL. Hit enter and wait.

Facebook Video Downloader will connect to Facebook servers and retrieve the video. Finally, it will show download links in HD and SD qualities.

Click on Download.

That’s it.

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