How to Get 50 GB (even 1 TB) of Free Cloud Storage in 2024

How to Get 50 GB (even 1 TB) of Free Cloud Storage

Cloud storage service is a great option to store and backup your data into the cloud. It lets you save almost anything like photos, videos, documents, and others in your account which you can access anytime using a device with an active internet connection.

Google Drive and Dropbox are our favorite cloud storage providers to save content in encrypted storage without afraid of losing them. They are free and easy to manage. Dropbox provides 2 GB of free storage, whereas Google Drive gives 15 GB of free storage to all users. Sometimes it may not be enough to meet your needs, especially if you have a website, and you back it up to the cloud.

In this article, we’ll tell you how to increase your free cloud storage space for up to 1 TB easily.

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Get 50 GB Free Cloud Storage (Up to 1 TB)

These are the best ways to get 50 GB of free cloud storage in 2024.

1. Jio Cloud—Up to 50 GB Free Cloud Storage

JioCloud is a relatively new cloud storage service from India. It provides 5 GB free cloud storage to Jio users and 2 GB for others which you can increase for up to 50 GB through referrals.

JioCloud is a revolutionary attempt from the Reliance group that helps you to save photos, videos, documents, music, and others with options to recollect them from any smartphone, computer, or even television through mobile, desktop or set-top box apps.

It comes with automatic backup and sync abilities to ensure that your files are always up-to-date. The contents will be grouped according to the file types, so you can access them quickly and share them with others in 1-2-3 clicks.

Board is another part that you will love on JioCloud. It is just like a group project on certain topics like holiday trips, weddings, team meetings, etc. where you can share photos, videos, and docs with others to collect comments or feedback from them.

2. Mega- 20 GB Free Cloud Storage

Mega cloud

Mega is a popular free cloud storage service from New Zealand. It offers 20 GB of free storage space for both personal and business purposes. But you can extend it to any extent fulfilling certain achievements like installing their desktop and mobile apps, SMS verification, and friend referrals. Extra 5 GB will be added to your account for each achievement, but it will expire after 365 days.

Whether you are a professional or a business person, you can use it to save precious files in a secured vault to avoid unexpected data loss that may occur due to hard disk failure, hacking, virus infection, etc. Mega protects your uploads with end-to-end encryption so no one else can access them without your knowledge and permission.

It has dedicated apps for various platforms to automatically upload, sync your contents and smoothen the workflow.  Mega also provides text, voice, and video chats with encryption and fingerprint verification to ensure that they are strictly confidential.

Mega’s premium storage plans start at €4.99/month (approximately $5.60/mo) with 200 GB storage and 1 TB transfer.

3. pCloud- 10 GB Free Cloud Storage


pCloud is another free cloud storage service to get 10 GB free storage. It is secure and comes with 256-bit AES encryption, built in audio/video players, and many other features.

Founded in 2013, pCloud is based in Switzerland. It automatically syncs files on all your connected devices and stores 5 copies of files in different servers to avoid losing them in any situation. You’ll be able to share links with others, brand them, and track open statistics from an intuitive dashboard. They also offer lifetime plans to buy up to 10 TB storage at affordable rates.


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