How to Set up a Free VPN with Unlimited Data (2024 Guide)

How to Set up a Free VPN with Unlimited Data

Virtual Private Network(VPN) is a perfect choice to browse the internet privately. It lets you choose proxy servers located across the globe and surf as if you are in another place. Thus, you can remove geographical and censorship restrictions and access any website easily.

VPNs hide your online activities from the tracking eyes and send user data over an encrypted private network to improve security. It also allows corporate employees to access internal applications and resources safely without afraid of data breaches.

There are several premium VPN services that come with high-speed data transmission, secure streaming, and other powerful features. But as a beginner, it may not be possible for you to invest in VPNs also. That’s why you searched for free VPN servers and reached in this post.

Today, we’ll tell you how to set up a free VPN with unlimited data in 2024.

1. Opera VPN

How to Set up a Free VPN with Unlimited Data (2024 Guide) 1

Opera is one of our favorite web browsers on desktops and smartphones. It is simple, lightweight, and integrated with a free VPN to browse anonymously.

Opera VPN is highly secured and offers unlimited data to all users. It will replace your IP address with a virtual random address to prevent tracking tools from spying on your activities, location, etc. But you can still bypass VPN for search engines to get local results for your queries.

Download and install Opera browser on your computer first.

When the installation is complete, the browser will open automatically. Click the Opera logo from the left-top corner of your screen and choose ‘Settings’ from the menu.

Scroll down to the bottom to locate advanced settings. Find VPN settings to activate your free VPN.

How to Set up a Free VPN with Unlimited Data (2024 Guide) 2

Drag the toggle button to the right to enable Opera free VPN. Do the same to the next option to bypass VPN for search engines and make local searches.

The free VPN is activated successfully and you will see a blue VPN badge in the address bar now.

How to Set up a Free VPN with Unlimited Data (2024 Guide) 3

Click the badge to enable or disable your VPN quickly. It also displays information about the amount of data transferred, IP address and option to change your virtual location.

2. Proton VPN

How to Set up a Free VPN with Unlimited Data (2024 Guide) 4

Proton VPN is another free VPN service for having private browsing. The Swiss company adapts strong encryption technologies to protect your data and able to defend against most modern security attacks. It is one of the most recommended free VPNs for anonymous browsing, video streaming, and secure file sharing.

The free VPN plan comes with access to 3 countries and supports one device. If you want to unlock advanced features, consider upgrading to premium plans starting from $4/mo.

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3. Speedify

How to Set up a Free VPN with Unlimited Data (2024 Guide) 5

Speedify is a free VPN service to enhance your privacy in browsing websites. It is reliable, secured, and protects your data using AES encryption. Hence no one can spy on your activities and Speedify doesn’t store any log details of what you do, what websites you visit, etc. through their proxy servers.

It allows you to choose servers from different parts of the world to stay private online. You will get 5 GB of data free every month. The unlimited data plans are available from $10/mo onwards.

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