How to Get Spotify Premium for Free

How to Get Spotify Premium for Free

Love to hear unlimited, high-quality music?

Spotify is a fantastic place for music lovers to find and enjoy their favorite songs from anywhere on the go. Whether you are in the office, at home or in travel, it will entertain you with music across genres and languages. The dedicated apps for computers and smartphones let you browse files, create playlists, and stream songs easily.

Spotify is free to use but there will be certain restrictions on content quality and usage. Premium users can listen to songs in full quality or at 320kbps. On the other hand, Spotify free allows you to listen to songs at a maximum bitrate of 160kbps on desktop or at 96kbps on smartphones.

Free online streaming services make money from showing ads. Spotify Free users will see ads between every 4-5 songs and they will interrupt your listening very frequently. But Spotify’s premium subscription provides an uninterrupted, ad-free listening experience even for the latest tracks. So paid users can listen to the latest movie songs, albums, and podcasts as they released without any annoying ads.

Offline playback is another advantage of Spotify premium. It allows you to download up to 10,000 songs each across up to 5 different devices to listen to them offline. At the same time, Spotify free doesn’t support downloads and offline listening.

Considering upgrading to Spotify premium? Great. It is useful to carry a huge music library in your pocket and enjoy them for an indefinite period.

Getting Spotify Premium for Free

Spotify premium

The music streaming app offers a 3-months trial on premium subscription. So you can use Spotify premium for free during the period. On expiry, you will be chargeable at $9.99 per month per account.

If you don’t want to continue the subscription, don’t forget to cancel the trial before getting billed for the next cycle. Spotify also has student special plans at $4.99 per month and family plans at $14.99/month for up to 6 accounts. In some countries like India, it offers prepaid plans on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

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