How to Set Time Zone and Language in Windows 10 PC

How to Set Time Zone and Language in Windows 10 PC

Microsoft provides tons of customization options to better manage your Windows 10 computer. The company is conscious to bring timely OS updates to secure and enhance your user experience.

When you got a new Windows computer, start from the base level. Set your time zone and language first. We know that it will come with the default time zone in your region. If you want to change it, just follow our simple guide.

Set/change time zone in Windows 10

Open Windows settings or type ‘Settings’ on the search box in the taskbar.

Now you will see settings across the categories. Open Time & Language from them.

Time and language windows

In Date & Time settings, locate the Time zone option and click inside the drop-down box to open the full list of time zones.

date and time windows

Choose the desired zone to set it as default for your computer.

Scroll down to the bottom to change your date and time formats. Click the blue color link to open the relevant page where you can set the first day of the week & format for a short date, long date, short time, and long time.


Set region and language in Windows 10

Go to the next option in the left pane, Region & language.

Windows will serve local content to your system based on the country or region you set. Choose your country from the first drop-down box and rush to the next menu.

Under the Languages menu, it should show installed languages on your device. If none of them listed or if you want to explore additional languages, hit Add a language option.

Windows language

At this point, Windows will list various languages that support it. Choose a language to get local versions, if applicable.

After selecting a language, you will be diverted to the Region & Language menu. The newly selected language is added to your list. You will get Windows, Apps, websites, and others in the first language in the list. Click a language to set it as default or remove it from the list. Download language packs if available and restart your computer to save changes.

That’s it.

Now your language is successfully changed. The changes will reflect in your default typing language, settings, apps, and others.

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