How to Set a Temporary Profile Picture or Frame on Facebook

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We use Facebook profile pictures to express our support and solidarity towards a protest or a cause nowadays. Social media plays a key role in educating people about social campaigns and organizing them against evil interests.

Facebook profile picture change is the easiest method to convey a strong message to the public or let them know what’s in your mind.

As you know, Facebook allows users to change the profile image temporarily. A temporary profile picture will last for some days or a maximum of a week. On expiry, it will be reverted automatically to your regular profile picture.

Activating Facebook Temporary Profile Picture on Your Account

Sign in to your Facebook profile first and hover over the profile photo to get the ‘Update Profile Picture’ option.

temporary profile picture

Click on it.

Choose Upload Photo or select from available photos in the newly opened screen. After uploading, you will get the options as we seen in the following screenshot.

Facebook temporary profile picture

Click the Make Temporary button.

Now it will ask you how long it should be displayed as the profile picture.

Facebook temporary profile

Here you can opt for 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, or Custom. The last option lets you set an exact time when you want to revert back to the original profile picture.

temporary profile picture Facebook

Save your changes.

You’ve successfully enabled the temporary profile picture on Facebook.

Activating Facebook Temporary Profile Picture Frame on Your Account

A Facebook profile picture frame is used to support an upcoming event or a social cause. Click on your profile picture and choose the Update profile picture option from the list. 

Facebook temporary profile picture frame

Now a new window will open with all uploaded images to your Facebook account. Click the ‘Add Frame’ tab from the top. 

Then, you will get a screen like this,

Facebook profile picture frame

 Choose a frame type from the left sidebar. You can see the live preview on the main screen on the right. If satisfied, set an expiry period on the bottom and click on the Use a Profile Picture option. 

That’s it. You have successfully applied a temporary frame to your profile picture. Any Facebook user can see it. After the chosen period, it will disappear and automatically restore your previous profile picture.

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