How to Save a Gmail Email in PDF Format

How to Save a Gmail Email in PDF Format

Do you want to convert a Gmail message into PDF format?

The PDF (Portable Document Format) is a popular file format to store and share your important documents. It is fast, reliable, and work across device types and operating systems. So anyone having a PDF file can view it on computers and smartphones even offline.

There may be some important emails in your Gmail inbox that you want to backup or share with others. The PDF conversion will be useful for you in such situations.

In two ways, you can save a Gmail message as a PDF file. From the print screen or using browser extensions.

1. Print screen

Open your Gmail email. Click the three dots icon from the right end of your screen. Choose ‘Print’ from the displaying options.

How to Save a Gmail Email in PDF Format


Alternatively, you can right-click on the main screen to print a web page or email. Choosing ‘Print’ will divert you to another screen.

How to Save a Gmail Email in PDF Format

Click the drop-down box that appears next to the Destination option. Here you will see a number of options to save email as PDF, save to Google Drive, Save to OneNote, Send to Fax, etc. Choose ‘Save as PDF’ to download your email message in PDF format. Google Drive option also converts email to the PDF format, but it directly saves the file to your Drive account without any download options.

Click on ‘Save’ at the bottom to download your file.

2. Browser extensions

Chrome extensions are another method to convert Gmail emails to PDF. For that, install and activate a simple extension Save Emails to PDF  on your browser.

After activation, open Gmail in Chrome and you should see a new down arrow icon on the top menu bar. It’s the extension icon that allows you to download emails in one click.

Go to the inbox and select all emails for saving them as a PDF file.

How to Save a Gmail Email in PDF Format

Now you will get all available conversion options in a pop-up menu. Choose the first option for PDF conversion. Configure settings regarding email conversations, attachments, and even secure your PDF file with an encryption password if needed. Finally, click the ‘Start Coversion’ button to begin the process.

Wait for a few moments. When finished, the output will be downloaded to your downloads folder.

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