How to Choose A Perfect Smart TV for You

perfect smart TV

With the immense change in the technology of LED TVs. Now it becomes harder to choose the perfect smart TV from a bunch of options available in the market of different brands. Things like 4k, full HD or HD ready, Price range, cable, and accessories, etc. make us confused while making the decision.

Before purchasing the perfect smart TV according to your needs, you have to consider checking a lot of things before purchasing. Earlier it was just choosing the perfect size and quality of audio. But not the same in the case of smart TV.

Things like the resolution, connectivity, smart TV features, audio-based remotes, etc. In Smart TV the size of TV also reflects the resolution of Smart TV. Like if you want a 4k resolution it will not be available on 24-inch TV.

Without wasting any time let’s look.

Things to consider before buying a Smart LED TV-

Video Resolution-

smart TV resolution

The first thing which comes into mind while purchasing a smart LE DTV should be the video resolution. Which resolution you must go for 4k,8k full HD or HD ready.

If you are planning to purchase a brand-new smart LED TV, you must go with the at least 4k resolution on the LED TV. As technology is upgrading at an immense pace the future of resolution on TV is going to be 8k or more. The trend of Full HD and HD ready resolution TV will be less, and it is right now early to purchase 8k resolution in Smart TV.

The perfect resolution will be 4k for right now to purchase in a Smart LED TV because everyone is moving to 4k and it is early for 8k resolution TV because there are so few companies and content creators who are working to create videos or content in 8k resolution.

Size of Smart TV-

smart TV size

This is the thing most people are concerned about. In India, people often take bigger Smart TVs to show the class and standard. The bigger the size of the TV the bigger is the size of the TV.

The size of Smart LED TV must be selected in response to the size of the room and location where you are going to place the TV. The ideal size of TV for a standard size room is 32 inches. It is the most desired and most demanded size of smart TV.

Size also is to the resolution as well. As the 4k ultra HD resolution is not available in 24-inch size and 8k resolution is only available in bigger TVs like 60 inches or more.

Audio watts-

smart TV

The TV experience is incomplete without the proper sound quality in and Smart TV. Now TVs come with complete 360degree surround systems. They come in different watts like 10 watts, 20 watts, 40 watts, etc.

The average speaker watts is 20 for average room sizes. Some smart TVs come with highly wattage speakers like 40 watts and they don’t even need extra home theater systems to have the amazing experience of sound.

Now with the advancement of technology you don’t even need extra home theater systems to buy, all you need to do is choose the Smart TV which has more watts of speakers. For the average sound system always go with Dolby Atmos sound system, it is the best sound system you can have on a Smart TV.

TVs that have Dolby sound systems do not have many complaints as compared to others in sound quality.


How to Choose A Perfect Smart TV for You 1

Now TVs come with voice-based remote technology. With this, you can operate your smart TV with your voice by commanding in the remote.

You can have complete access to your Smart TV with one remote and can control it with your voice. All you must do is say what you want your TV to do and your TV will follow the voice instructions.

This feature is the most amazing in a smart TV. It makes the experience of YouTube and googles so easy and amazing. With this one voice-based remote you can easily connect your other Set-top box remote and have all the features and functions in one remote only.

Smart TV features-

smart TV

Smart TV features like connectivity, RAM, internal memory, Bluetooth connectivity, built-in Wi-Fi, etc. Many Smart TV comes with the free channels and video streaming platforms which allows users to enjoy all the content of that particular streaming platform.

Other smart TV features like connectivity with Bluetooth, internal storage, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon prime, etc. Your selected smart TV must have all these features in it.

Smart TV is also capable of operating your smart home and smart speakers with itself. You can easily control your smart home and smart speakers like Alexa and echo with your TV.

Many professionals also use their smart TV to present their presentations on it. You can also present your google sheets in it. directly.

Some smart TVs provide some options and others don’t. You make sure you should always select that Smart TV which has all functions and especially to install the apk files which are running on an Android operating system of your mobile phone.

Smart TV Brands-

smart TV brands

Smart TVs are available in the market of different brands and different companies. All are somewhere different form each other and they have their uniqueness.

Brands like Samsung, Sony and LG are the kings of this Smart TV field and they have the biggest market share in sales in Smart LED TVs. Yes! their LED TVs are somewhere costly than others but if the budget is not the issue for you, then you must go with these brands.

But if budget is an issue for you and you do not want to spend more money on Smart TVs then you must go with brands like MI, Thomson, Iffalcon, TCL. They provide all the same features that you can get in the best smart LED TV but nearly half the price of other costly brands.

The response of all these brands is very positive. If you want to purchase a new one must check The Best Smart LED TV.

All these things must be taken care of while purchasing a brand-new smart TV. After getting through all these, it will be easy for you to decide on the selection of smart TV from a bunch of options.