How to Watch Netflix Movies for Free

How to Watch Netflix Movies for Free

Netflix is a popular movie streaming service to watch the latest movies and TV series in high-definition format. It contains movies across genres and languages which you can watch anytime using an internet-enabled device through Netflix website or apps.

The launch of movie streaming websites redefined our cinema experience. Unlike olden days, now you can view even recent releases right from the home with a smart TV, computer or smartphone having an active internet connection to connect Netflix, YouTube, and other similar services.

Netflix works on a subscription basis and its pricing plans start at $8.99 per month with the basic streaming features. If you want to access the platform without any limitations, it costs $15.99 per month. US subscribers can also rent DVDs and Blue-rays for $7.99 per month onwards.

Do you think they charge higher when compared to your requirements? Want to watch Netflix movies for free? In this post, we’ll tell you how.

Watch Netflix movies for free

Netflix Movies

From movies to varieties of TV programs, Netflix is the best place to watch them when you are free. Whether you are in the office or on travel, sign in to your account to start streaming on mobile and resume them later at a home computer to entertain your moments.

Netflix supported devices

Smartphones, tablets, computers, smart TVs, PlayStation, Xbox, Chromecast, Apple TV, Blue-ray players and more.

Netflix pricing

Plans (streaming) Price (Monthly) Number of screens Resolution
Basic $8.99 1 SD
Standard $12.99 2 HD
Premium $15.99 4 HD & 4K Ultra HD

It offers a 30-days free trial on all subscription plans. During the period, you can enjoy all Netflix video contents including movies, TV programs, documentaries, and more at free of cost. They won’t charge you anything until the trial ends and will send a reminder by email three days before the billing starts. Then you can decide on either continuing or canceling the subscription. There are no cancellation fees and a minimum contract period on Netflix. So you can cancel the trial or subscription anytime 24 hours a day without any obligations.

Signup for a Netflix account and choose a plan to start your free trial. Enter your card details to set up the payment information, even though no charges will be levied from your account for the first month. Click the ‘Start membership’ button at the bottom to begin.


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