How to Make a Facebook Post Shareable (2024 Guide)

How to Make a Facebook Post Shareable

Facebook is a great platform to share your thoughts, photos, and videos. It will help you to reach a large audience within a few moments. Others can comment and share it on their profile or pages if needed. But sometimes they may complain that they are unable to share and there is no share option on your Facebook posts.

Have you heard such a complaint now?

Do you want to know how to make your Facebook post shareable to improve its reachability and traffic?

Today, we’ll tell you how to make a post shareable on Facebook.

How to make your new Facebook post shareable?

Let us check how to manage privacy and make your new Facebook post shareable.

Sign in to your Facebook account and create a post as usual.

Make a Facebook post shareable

Scroll down and click the drop-down box that appears next to News Feed and Your Story options to manage your post’s privacy.

Choose ‘Public’ to share your content with everyone on Facebook including your non-friends. So they can view and share it with others. If ‘Friends’ mode is selected, people outside your friend circle can’t view and share the post. Click on post to publish.

How to make your existing Facebook post shareable?

Do you want to change the privacy of an existing post?  It’s very easy.

How to Make a Facebook Post Shareable

Click the small drop-down box that appears next to the timestamp of your post. A menu will open with various privacy levels. Choose ‘Public’ to make your post publicly shareable. Then, your ‘friends’ will replace with a ‘globe’ icon to indicate that your post is public now.

Friends to Public—Anyone on Facebook can view and share your posts

Public to Friends/Friends except/Specific friends—Not shareable outside your network. But friends or specific friends can read and leave comments on them.

In this way, you can make a post shareable or not shareable on Facebook.

How to Make all your future posts on Facebook shareable?

You saw how to handle single posts on Facebook. Now we are going to set a privacy level for all your future posts on Facebook. So they can be shareable by your friends and non-friends on the social site.

Sign in to Facebook and click the drop-down arrow in the top-right corner of your screen. Choose settings from the menu.

Facebook posts shareable

Select ‘Privacy’ from the left pane. Locate the ‘Your activity’ section on the main screen. Click ‘Edit’ for Who can see your future posts option to expand. Click the user icon and pick ‘Public’ to publish your future posts with the maximum reachability.

Go to the second next option, Limit past posts, to make your previous posts shareable in one click. Click Limit past posts to make them shareable or not shareable based on your new settings. If your future posts are public, this option will apply the same setting for previous posts also. In other words, they will become publicly accessible irrespective of their old privacy levels.

Do you have any other queries about creating Facebook posts? Let us know through comments?

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