How to Follow a Hashtag on Twitter (4 ways)

How to Follow a Hashtag on Twitter (4 ways) 1

A hashtag is a keyword followed by the #symbol. They are used to categorizing similar topics under one head on social sites and blogging communities. So users can easily locate a content type in which they are interested in. 

Twitter is one of the top places to find trending hashtags and topics around you. If you are keen to follow a hashtag on the microblogging site, there are many ways. 

Let us check how to follow a hashtag on Twitter through built-in options and third-party tools. 

1.Follow a hashtag via Twitter search

Open Twitter search and enter a hashtag in the search box to follow. 


It will show tweets, photos, and videos posted on the social site with the searched hashtag. Click the three-dots icon that appears next to the search box. 


Choose the ‘Save Search’ option. That’s it. Your hashtag search is successfully saved. 

Place the cursor in the search box, and it should show your saved search in the suggestions. 


Open your saved search to view the latest tweets on the topic. Tap the bin icon to delete it.

2. Follow a hashtag via browser bookmark 

Visit Twitter search on your desktop or mobile browser. Search for a hashtag, like #Technology. 


All tweets matching your criteria appear on the screen. Click on the browser bookmark to create a shortcut to the current page. A small box will appear. 


Enter a name for the bookmarked page to locate them easily at a later moment. Choose a folder to save. 


3. Follow a hashtag via TweetDeck

TweetDeck is a free Twitter client to schedule tweets, monitor activities, and respond to messages. 

Visit TweetDeck and sign in with your Twitter account. Then, it automatically collects and displays data from your account in multiple columns. 


Click ‘Add a column’ from the left pane. A box will overlay our screen and choose Search from it. 

How to Follow a Hashtag on Twitter (4 ways) 2

Search for a hashtag to follow. It brings matching hashtags on the right side as you type. Select one of them and TweetDeck will create a column for it.


Tap the settings icon to apply filters like tweet location, author, tweet type, engagement rate, etc.

How to Follow a Hashtag on Twitter (4 ways) 3

Click the left or right arrow icon to re-order columns. 

That’s all.

How to Follow a Hashtag on Twitter (4 ways) 4

Tweetdeck serves stock market-like real time updates for saved hashtags. It refreshes the feed automatically to display new tweets as they posted. 

4. Follow a hashtag via tracking tools

How to Follow a Hashtag on Twitter (4 ways) 5

Twitter is a great place to promote products and content. Businesses need to track hashtags, keywords, and mentions to analyze the performance of their marketing campaigns. 

Several hashtag tracking tools have been developed over the past few years to help you with this. They work across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others to monitor posts on certain topics.

Find viral content, get in touch with key influencers, and monitor the level of competition to prepare an effective marketing plan to boost your traffic. Tracking hashtags help you to achieve all these things. 

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