How to Change Voicemail on iPhone

How to Change Voicemail on iPhone

Voice mail is one of the oldest ways to communicate with someone who is not available. It’s likely that it was before the time of the Internet. Texting, emails, and social media are quickly replacing the good old fashion voice mail. It is still on the decline, but not dead. Many people still use the voice mail for many reasons.

If you’re unsure about what voice mail is or how to change your voice mail on your iPhone, then check this out.

What is a voicemail?

A voice mail is a short greeting in a voice over a telephone answering machine in which a caller can leave a message in an answering machine in the event that the called person is unavailable to take the call. A voice mail message can also include a telephone number to reach the called party.

The term “voicemail” is derived from the phrase “voice message.” The concept of voice mail is pretty straight-forward: you can leave a message for someone, and they can hear it by calling in. These messages can be saved, forwarded and deleted as you see fit.

How to Set up and Change Voicemail Greeting on iPhone?

Voicemail is a great tool for an iPhone user to have, but it can be a little confusing when you first start using it. Initially, you need to create a password to access voicemail settings and messages.

Tap Phone icon from iPhone home screen.

Click Voicemail > Set up now.

Create a password.

Choose a greeting. iPhone plays a default greeting message to all callers. If you want to change it, choose the Custom option and record a new greeting message. Tap Stop to finish recording. Save.

You can change the voicemail greeting anytime by visiting the same menu (Voicemail> greeting> custom).

Listen to Your Voicemail Messages

Open Voicemail.

Tap a message. Click the Play button to listen to a voicemail message.

Tap the Share button to share a message.

Click on Bin icon to delete a voicemail message.

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