How to Enable Two-Step Verification on Google, Facebook and Twitter

How to Enable Two-Step Verification on Google, Facebook and Twitter

Cybersecurity is the main thing that needs our immediate attention. Criminals are eagerly waiting to hack your accounts, steal money, bargain, and sell the precious information stored in them. A minor mistake from your side is enough for them to take full control over the account. Are you prepared to meet those toughest challenges?

We have accounts with several emails and social media websites that store our bank details, private photos, videos, and documents. As we all know, Google and top social media accounts are the main targets of hackers nowadays. Our communication is mainly based on these networks and naturally, they become the gold mine of our personal as well as official files. I hope you don’t need any other reason why hackers target your Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

A strong alpha-numeric password and a reliable connection can safeguard your online activities and accounts to some extent. I agree. But you should go beyond that to fully protect your account.

Now major websites and companies allow you to protect the account with a second-level password which will be delivered to your phone or email after entering the regular password. Users cannot access their accounts without inputting the second password. It means that no one can open your account without touching your phone or email. Two-step verification will strengthen your account further level and protect it against hacking attempts.

In this post, we’ll tell you how to enable two-step verification for your Google, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

1. Google

A Google account is a single door to a number of services like Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube, AdSense, Photos, and your Android phone. With a Google account hacking, a person can access all these tools and collect whatever information they want from them.

Sign in to your Google account first.

Open security settings to get step by step instructions in protecting the account. Under the Sign-in & Security section, tap on Signing in to Google link.

Make sure that you are changing the password at frequent intervals. Google will show the last password changed date near to the first option. Click on the 2-step verification to enable the feature. It will show you the benefits of two-factor authentication on the next screen. Hit the Get Started button and enter the password when prompted.

How to Enable Two-Step Verification on Google, Facebook and Twitter 1

Now Google will confirm your phone number on which you want to receive the second level password. Either you can use the same number that is given to Google during account registration or update it with your current number. Choose the mode of delivery for the password and click Next.

Enter the password you received just on the phone for confirmation. Once it’s successfully confirmed, you can turn on two-step verification for the account.

Google prompt and backup codes are other useful options to avoid typing codes or access account in emergency situations. Turn on Google prompt for your smartphone to instantly verify your login request in a single tap. Google also allows you to generate unique backup codes, download, and use them to connect to the services without having your phone.

2. Facebook

Our online activities mainly revolve around Facebook. Is there any day in your life that you are browsing the internet but without opening Facebook? The social network influences us to such an extent for connections, opinions, and promotions.

Sign in to Facebook first.

Visit Settings and open Security and login from the left pane.

Scroll down to know how to set up extra security for your account.

Facebook Two-Step Verification

Turn on alerts for unrecognized logins first. Facebook will send you notifications if someone logged into your account from a device that you are not using regularly. This feature is really useful to quickly identify hacking attempts or prevent authorized usage of the account.

Enable two-factor authentication in the next step. Add and confirm your phone number to get text message codes for verifying your login request.

Like Google backup codes, Facebook provides recovery codes to open the account when you don’t have the phone with you. Collect and store them in some secure place like a cloud vault to visit the social site in emergency situations.

3. Twitter

Twitter is my favorite social network that generates guaranteed results for our efforts. It lets you automate posts and connects with billions of people by proper utilization of hashtags, tags in tweets.

Sign in to your Twitter account first.

Click on your profile picture from the top right side. Choose Settings and Privacy from the options.

Now you’re on the Accounts tab.

Under Security, click the ‘set up login verification’ button to enable two-step verification for your Twitter account. Tap ‘Start’ in the next window to begin the setup process. Now you need to enter the normal Twitter password.

Twitter Two-Step Verification

Enter the mobile number that you want to connect to the Twitter account. Twitter will send a six-digit code to your mobile to confirm the number. Paste it into the verification box to turn on two-step authentication for your account.

That’s it.

Google and Facebook allow you to store ten backup codes in the local storage for accessing the accounts even without your phone. In Twitter, you can create a maximum of one backup code at a time for the same purpose. But you are able to use Twitter official mobile apps to quickly generate login codes in a few clicks.

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