How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication on Instagram


Enabling two-factor authentication on web accounts is the best option to prevent unauthorized access and hacking attempts. Hackers can monitor your online activities and collect passwords using some malicious tools installed on your system. But those details will be useless if you have enabled the second layer security on the account. That’s the reason why people use mobile verification to protect their email, social media, and other online accounts.

We already discussed how to turn on two-step verification on Facebook, Twitter, and Google accounts. In this short guide, we’ll tell you how to secure your Instagram account with two-factor authentication.

Instagram is the place where we store important photos (even private) and videos to share or backup. Many people use it to promote products and make money based on their network strength and influence rate. Either basic shares or promotions, account security is the crucial part you should focus on to protect content.

Instagram two-factor authentication

Sign in to your Instagram account from a computer.

Click the Settings icon on your profile page. You will get a box with a number of options. Choose “Privacy and Security” from them.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication on Instagram

In the newly opened page, scroll down to the bottom to locate “Two-Factor Authentication”. Click the “Enable Two-Factor Authentication” link to activate the feature.

Check the “Require Security Code” option and click “Turn On” on the popup box. Confirm your mobile number and change the number if needed. Hit the “Next” button to get a verification code from Instagram.

Once you received the code, enter it on Instagram to confirm your number. Click “Done” to complete your request. Thereafter, Instagram will verify your identity each time when you are login by sending a confirmation code to the number provided. You have to enter the code on Instagram to access the account.

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