How to Download Instagram Photos, Videos, and Stories

How to Download Instagram Photos, Videos, and Stories

Instagram is a heaven for photography enthusiasts to upload photos and videos. It also allows you to follow celebrities to get regular updates from them. Sometimes, you may want to download stunning photos and videos from the site. But is it possible?

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t provide any option to download content to safeguard user privacy. Still, there are ways to download photos, videos, and others from the photo sharing site. Let us check how they work.

How to Download Instagram Photos to a Computer?

Ever wanted to download a photo you’ve uploaded to Instagram before? There is no option to download your profile photos individually, but you can download them all as a bundle. Follow these steps to retrieve photos and videos you shared on Instagram,

1. Sign in to Instagram and visit your profile.

How to Download Instagram Photos, Videos, and Stories 1

Click the gear icon to view settings. A pop-up box will appear with various options. Select Privacy & Security from the list.

2. Scroll-down through the main page and locate Data Download.

How to Download Instagram Photos, Videos, and Stories 2

Click on Request Download.

3. Enter your email in the next page.

How to Download Instagram Photos, Videos, and Stories 3

Instagram will prepare your data file in ZIP format. Your photos and videos, account history, comments, and likes will be included in the package. It will take up to 48 hours to receive the download link by email. Once it received, unzip the file to view all your uploaded files and other information.

If you want to download photos and videos shared by other Instagram users, then, you should use a third-party Instagram downloader app.

In this post, we pick the best Instagram downloading tools in this post. They are totally free and no need to attend any surveys or perform downloads to use their service.

7 Ways to Download Instagram Photos, Videos, and Stories

Here’s the list,

1. Inflact


Inflact, formerly known as Ingramer, is a popular place to download Instagram stories, photos, and videos.

Visit the website and paste an Instagram photo or video link to download. Inflact will connect to the respective Insta account and display content in an instant moment. Click on download to save it to your computer or mobile.

Inflact can also download profile data, IGTVs, and DP from a public Instagram account. You don’t need to sign in or connect to Instagram to access profiles. So users will not receive any notification that you have downloaded their data or content. It handles the entire process as anonymous, similar to other Instagram downloader tools.

2. Toolzu


Toolzu is another photo downloader for Instagram. Enter a photo URL and that’s it. It will fetch the file in no time. Mouse over the photo to view the download button. Click to save it to your device.


download-instagram-videos is a great tool to download Instagram videos, photos, and others. It works on all device types to save media files in High-Definition format.

There are no limits on how many videos you can download per day. Just collect an Instagram video or photo URL and paste it in the search box on iGram. You are ready to go. It collects your target file and lets you download it in multiple sizes.


download-videos-instagram helps you to download Instagram photos and videos either directly or using a browser extension. Similar to other tools we discussed above, enter a photo or video URL to proceed.

It can collect data from any public Instagram account to download and save them to your local storage. works across popular social sites and video platforms to download files from them.

5. InDown


InDown is an all-rounder tool to download Instagram photos, stories, and videos. Paste your target URL and hit search. Then, it will show the content preview with a download button.

Tap the button to save. It is very easy to use and work with Insta Reels, DP, and Highlights as well.

6. Snapinsta

Snapinsta can download Instagram photos, videos, and reels from public accounts. Unfortunately, there is no preview option to view files in advance. Tap the download button to save.

7. Insta Offline


Insta Offline is another Instagram downloader for photos and videos. Copy a photo or video URL and paste it in the search box.

Press enter on your keyboard to check. Once the preview is generated, click on download to save.

That’s it.

If you are not interested in using third-party tools and looking for the simple option to download Instagram photos, do these things,

Click an Instagram photo to view it in the full screen. Then, instead of collecting its URL, press Prt Sc on your keyboard to take a screenshot. For Android, press home and volume up or down keys together to capture your current screen.


PrtSc command stores your active screen to the clipboard. Open a photo editing tool like Paint to paste it.

Select the image part using the cropping tool and save. But this method is not useful to download an image in full size. It can copy what you see on the screen. In other words, the image size may vary according to your device screen size.

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