How to Register a Domain Name for Your Business or Blog

How to Register a Domain Name for Your Business or Blog

A domain name represents your online business and creates a foundation for related activities. It will connect you to the web users, showcase your portfolio, and convert visitors to your prospective customers.

Domain registration is an important step in starting a business. A website can bring unlimited opportunities in your way as it doesn’t have any geographical boundaries. People can contact you irrespective of the places and devices with an active internet connection.

If you are keen to achieve the goals and grow yourself, a domain is a must. Registering a domain name is not a difficult task. But keep in mind that your domain should be simple and unique. So people can memorize and open the site directly from the address bar. A keyword specific, SEO friendly domain will attract more visits from the search engine results also.

Find the domain name of your choice. There are many domain name suggestion tools that will generate domain names based on the keywords you entered. Once you chose a name, the next step is domain registration. Approach a registrar and pay a nominal fee to get your domain.

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Namecheap is a reliable and budget-friendly domain registrar to buy your name. They provide attractive offers and discounts on domain registration, hosting, SSL certificates, and others. The interface is easy to use and you can buy, manage their various web development properties without any third-party help.

Open the Namecheap website and type your desired domain name in the search box and hit enter. I searched for a domain name for my demo site.

domain registration

It will check whether the domain name is available or already occupied by someone else. Wait for a few moments and you will get the results soon.

domain name suggestions

Great. The domain is still available and we can buy it for $8.88/year.

Namecheap will suggest a number of related products for your domain including hosting, SSL certificate, Managed WordPress platform, private email, etc. They are available at cheaper rates and you can buy them together to manage everything from a single dashboard. Click the cart icon that appears next to each product to buy.

Once finished, click on Checkout to proceed. Now you will get options to customize the order.

Namecheap domains

Turn on WhoisGuard to hide your personal info from the public. People can collect your contact details including address, phone number, and email using the domain lookup services. If you are really concerned about privacy, turn on the feature. It is a premium add-on and chargeable with other domain registrars. But Namecheap provides it for free and says that it will remain free forever.

We are going to register the domain for one year. It can be renewed thereafter.  But you can extend the period and register the domain for a maximum of 5 years. Set your period in the domain registration option. Turn on the auto-renew button to automatically renew your domain after the expiry date. It will ask you to enter the credit card details to automatically deduct charges from your account for renewal.

As I said earlier, Namecheap provides attractive offers to the customers in the form of discounts and coupons. Search for Namecheap promo codes in Google and find a code for domain registration. Enter the code in the Promo code field to get discounts and save your money.

I got a coupon code and applied it to the cart that reflected in my final price.

If you are a new customer, Namecheap will ask you to signup at this moment. Enter your name, address, and phone number. Click Continue to go to the next page.

Confirm your contact address and click Continue once again. Now you will be directed to the payment page.

Namecheap billing

Namecheap allows you to make payments by cards, Paypal, and cryptocurrencies. Choose your payment method and manage auto-renewal settings for the products and hit the Continue button.

The payment details will be scanned and sent through highly encrypted servers. Once your bank approved the payment, the domain name will register in your name. Namecheap will automatically redirect you to the account dashboard where you can view and manage the domain settings and associated tools.

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