How to Disable Read Receipts for Twitter Messages

How to Disable Read Receipts for Twitter Messages

We have talked about reading receipts a couple of times earlier. It’s a common feature in all modern messaging platforms that inform the senders when their message has read by the recipient. Like Facebook Messenger, Twitter also tracks your message opens and records its exact time near to the thread you viewed.

Do you want to turn off read receipts in Twitter messages?  If you turn off this setting in WhatsApp, you will not be able to see receipts from other people also. This rule is applicable to Twitter too.

This’s exactly what should you do to disable the read receipts on Twitter.

Disabling Read Receipts for Twitter Messages

Sign in to Twitter and open settings.

Locate the Privacy and Safety section. Under Privacy, you will see direct message related settings.

Twitter read receipts

Uncheck Send/Receive read receipts option. Save the changes made. Twitter won’t notify others when you have seen their message, thereafter.

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