How to Create a YouTube Music Playlist

How to Create a YouTube Music Playlist

YouTube is the largest entertainment hub in the world to watch movies, songs, and other videos. If you want to watch any nostalgic song or a thrilling movie scene, just search on YouTube. It will show hundreds of results that match your query. Open a link, and it will automatically start playing your favorite video on the screen.

Similar to playlists on music players, you can create a YouTube playlist also. Do you know that? It will play your favorite videos one by one automatically without any user actions.

YouTube playlist is an interesting feature to organize similar videos under one head and play them continuously using a desktop browser or YouTube app. Today, we’ll tell you how to create a YouTube music playlist easily.

Creating a YouTube Music Playlist

Visit YouTube and open a video that you would like to add to a playlist.

YouTube Music Playlist

Click the ‘Save’ option. Now it will show existing playlists on your account. Tap the Create a new playlist option to create a new list.

Enter a name (eg, my favorite songs). Set its privacy as public, unlisted, or private. Anyone can search for and view a public playlist. But a private playlist can be viewed by the creator only.

Unlisted playlist stands in between both and anyone having the link can view it. Finally, click on Create to save your new playlist.

YouTube playlist videos

Open your playlist from the left pane (under Library) and click play all to play your videos in order. Click ‘Add videos’ to add new videos to the list.

Tap playlist settings to manage your playlist privacy, change order, add collaborators, and set rules to automatically add new videos to your list.

Creating Playlists on YouTube Channels

Do you have a YouTube channel? Wants to know how to create a playlist to showcase your trending videos? Follow these steps to create a playlist of videos in a few moments.

Click on your profile picture icon from the top-right corner of your YouTube screen.

YouTube channel playlist

Click the ‘Switch Account’ option and choose your channel from the list. Now you are on the home screen of your channel.

playlist YouTube channel

Click the profile picture icon again and select ‘Your channel’ from the menu. Visit the ‘Playlists’ tab and tap the ‘Customize channel’ button.

Create YouTube music playlist

Click the ‘New playlist’ button. A small box will open. Type a name for your playlist and create. You can view the newly created YouTube music playlist on the next screen. It is empty now. Tap the three dots icon to add new videos to the list.

A popup window will open like this,

Playlist youtube videos

YouTube allows you to add videos to the playlist in three ways—your YouTube videos, keyword search, or using a direct URL.

If you are looking for certain videos, search with keywords, and select videos from the result to add them to your playlist.

That’s it.

Finding Popular YouTube Playlists

We all know that YouTube is one of the most popular sites on the Internet. More than 2 billion users visit Google’s video-sharing platform every month. Naturally, many of them would have created a collection of videos based on different topics. Let us check how to find out them easily,

Search with any keyword like ‘Funny videos’, ‘history’, ‘Hollywood deleted scenes’ etc. Don’t forget to add ‘playlist’ at the end of your search term.

Search YouTube playlist

Open a list to play and even save into your account to watch later. But you can’t save cartoons like Tom and Jerry, from other channels to your playlist, as they are made for kids.

YouTube Music playlists

YouTube is a great place to find videos and playlists on any topic. Search for “your keyword + playlist” to find a playlist and play videos automatically one after another.

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