How to Create an Instagram Account (2 Ways)

How to Create an Instagram Account

Instagram is the fastest growing social network now. It allows us to post photos, videos and create stunning visual stories using an internet-enabled smartphone. Shoot anything you want and post it on the network to get feedback from your friends and followers.

Creating an Instagram account opens several opportunities to you. It is a great place to find photography enthusiasts and promote your products and contents. Social media experts say that Instagram marketing is much efficient than other marketing channels in diverting traffic and thereby grow your business.

In 2 ways, you can create an Instagram account – Using a smartphone or computer.


Take your smartphone and make sure that your data connection is turned on. Visit Google PlayStore (Android) AppStore (iOS) and search for ‘Instagram’.

How to Create an Instagram Account (2 Ways) 1

The official Instagram app will appear on top of the search results. Click on ‘Install’ next to it.

After installation, you will see the Instagram icon on home and app screens.

How to Create an Instagram Account (2 Ways) 2

Tap the icon to open Instagram.

It lets you create an account using your email, phone number or connecting to the Facebook account. Choose ‘Sign up with email or phone number’ option to enter your information manually.

How to Create an Instagram Account (2 Ways) 3

Enter your mobile number along with the country code or email address to sign up. Hit Next to proceed. A new window will open where you should enter your full name. Give a password for the account.

Click on ‘Continue and Sync Contacts’. You can also ‘Continue without Syncing Contacts’ if you don’t want to connect with your friends at this moment.

A welcome message with your username will appear on the screen.

How to Create an Instagram Account (2 Ways) 4

Click ‘Next’ to connect to your Facebook account and let friends know about your presence on the photo-sharing site. Choose ‘Skip’ to exit your current screen and proceed to the next step.

Now it’s time to set a profile photo. Click ‘Add a Photo’ button to choose your image.

How to Create an Instagram Account (2 Ways) 5

It lets you set a profile picture in three ways- import from Facebook, take a photo instantly or choose from your media library. After assigning your profile picture, it will bring you to the Instagram home feed.

Tap user icon on the bottom-right corner of the screen to visit your profile.

How to Create an Instagram Account (2 Ways) 6

From this window, you can edit the profile, add a bio, and find people and brands to follow.


It’s very easy to create an Instagram account using your computer. It will take a few seconds and after that, you can build the profile by uploading photographs and adding your personal details.

Open Instagram on your computer browser first.

How to Create an Instagram Account (2 Ways) 7

Similar to the mobile sign-up screen, you can create an account using your mobile number, email address or Facebook account in desktop also.

Enter your details and click on Sign up.

Done. The account is successfully created.

Tap the user icon from the top-right corner to access your profile.

How to Create an Instagram Account (2 Ways) 8

Now it will show various options to configure your profile. Open relevant links to upload your photo, add a phone number and connect to Facebook.

That’s it.

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