How to Easily Create Your Email Signature with Social Media Links

Easily Create Your Email Signature with Social Media Links

An email signature is a simple yet powerful method to promote your website and social media pages. It will appear at the end of every email you sent and inform recipients about your online connections. By clicking on the links, people can collect your more details. How’s it?

It’s very easy to create and customize an email signature. Just follow these steps to add a beautiful signature section to your email account.

Initially, download social network icons that you want to use. 32 x 32 px is the recommended size but you can use icons of any size. Make sure that you are using identical icons or those from the same icon pack for better user experience and professional quality.

There are several websites that offer free, high-quality icons for any purpose. Browse the library to find your favorite social icons. Do you have designing skills? If so, your scope is unlimited. Use some graphic designing tools to create your own icons for the signature. It’s a simple task as we need only basic icons here.

Creating an email signature in Gmail (with social media links)

Sign in to your email account and open settings. Locate the signature option. In Gmail, you can find out it under the General tab.


Turn on a signature for the account.

Enter a complimentary close followed by your name to end the mail.

Type your website or blog name in the next line. We should properly link it to the destination address. Select the website name and tap the link button in the menu bar.


A small box will open. Enter the domain address to which you want to point the recipients. Tap the OK button.

Now you will come back into the signature option again. Click the insert image button to upload your social media icons one by one. Once finished, select the first social icon and tap the link button like we did earlier, to connect it with the corresponding social media profile or page. Enter your profile/page URL in the Web address field and hit the OK button.

Repeat this step for all your social media icons.

That’s it.

View how’s your signature. All your outgoing emails will end with the newly added signature and it is useful to inform others about your website and social media connections.