How to Change Browser on Android Devices

How to Change Browser on Android Devices 1

By default, Google Chrome is the default browser on Android. But you can change it to another to open websites automatically.

Similar to Windows, there are several browser apps available for Android. They include Firefox, Brave, Edge, Maxthon, and more. Google’s Chrome consumes a huge storage space, so it may create frequent issues on low-memory devices. Hence, you may decide to change the browser.

Each browser comes with unique features and functionalities. For instance, the Opera browser has a built-in VPN on both desktop and smartphone versions. It helps you to access blocked websites easily. Maxthon is my another favorite browser. It has a clean and addictive interface. These are some probable reasons for everyone to change the default browser on any platform.

How to Change the Default Browser on Android?

Let us check how to install a new browser and make it default on android phones and tablets,

1. Install a new browser first.

Visit Google Play Store and search for browser apps. It will show results like this,

install browser android

Find a browser, open, and tap the install button to download. Consider installing an app having a 4 or higher rating for a better user experience.

Wait for a few moments to finish downloading. Finally, you will see the browser icon on the app drawer. It is ready to open and browse.

2. Make it your default browser

Visit settings on Android and scroll down to locate the Apps section. Open it.

change default browser android

In the top-right corner, you will see a three-dots icon. Click on the icon to get additional options.

Choose ‘Default apps’ from the slide-down menu. It will direct you to a new screen where you can set default apps for browsing, calling, messaging, and more.

Click on the Browser app option on the top. Now it will show all installed browser apps on your device. Choose a browser that you want to use as default.

That’s it.

You have successfully changed the default browser on Android. In the future, the device will open all web links with the new browser.

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