How to Automatically Pin Your Blog Posts on Pinterest

How to Automatically Pin Your Blog Posts on Pinterest

Undoubtedly, Pinterest is the best place to market your products and contents efficiently. It can generate results within a short period and send regular visitors to your pages through stunning images or pins.

Large-sized, vertical images work best for the photo-sharing site. Add at least one of such images in blog posts and pin it on your profile to improve their home feed visibility and traffic.

Pinterest marketing helps us to schedule and pin posts easily. Use any marketing tool with Pinterest integration to create, schedule, and manage your pins for the peak time and grab maximum attention from social media users. They will also allow you to pin new blog posts by connecting to the RSS feed of your website. But it is not possible for everyone to invest in premium tools to strengthen their marketing operations and monitor the growth.

Is it possible to automatically pin your posts on Pinterest?

Yes, you can. Today we’ll tell you how it is.

Automatically pin posts on Pinterest

Sign in to your Pinterest account.

Tap the ‘three-dots’ icon from the top-right corner of your screen and choose ‘Edit Settings’ from the menu. Now you should see all settings that affect your Pinterest account. Click ‘Claim’ from the left pane.

Locate the ‘Auto-publish’ option to connect your RSS feed to Pinterest.

schedule Pinterest pins

Add your website’s RSS feed in the text box (check the screenshot). Then, choose a Pinterest board (from the second option box) where you want to pin the post as soon as it published on the main site. Save changes.

It is possible to connect even multiple RSS feeds to your Pinterest. Click on ‘Add another’ button and repeat the same steps to integrate other feeds and pin posts automatically.

That’s it.

Pinterest will search for updates in your RSS feeds at regular intervals and if any new post is found, pin it on the target board with the image on it.

I tried to link all my blogs’ RSS feeds to Pinterest. But the social site rejected my request with the message ‘Links in the RSS feed are not under the claimed domain.’ Very funny. We can’t claim multiple websites on Pinterest and hence how one can connect multiple feeds to the platform even though options are there?

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