How to Get Amazon Prime for Free

How to Get Amazon Prime for Free

How to Get Amazon Prime for Free

Amazon is one of the largest marketplaces on the web where you can view and buy from millions of products in various categories. From household items to electronics, fashion accessories to books, it is the best place to make a budget-friendly shopping with a computer or smartphone and an active internet connection.

Amazon Prime is a premium membership program developed and maintained by the company. It allows members to get exclusive deals and discounts on the products purchased through Amazon. Thus it helps them to save a huge amount in online shopping. Fast and free delivery is another advantage of Amazon Prime membership. Shoppers will get items either on the same day of purchase (in selected cities) or within two days (anywhere) when compared to up to 7-days delivery time for other Amazon users.

Grocery and restaurant items are even eligible for 2-hour delivery in selected areas with options to deliver them to your home or car at a convenient time.

Want to take a trial of clothes you bought from Amazon? ‘Try before you buy’ is an exclusive benefit for Prime users. Members can buy clothes from the e-store as usual which will be supplied to them along with a resealable box and pre-printed return label. They can keep and use the clothes for up to 7 days. If not satisfied, put the items in the box, attach label and return.

Amazon Prime is not just for online shoppers. It contains thousands of movies, TV shows, Amazon originals, e-books, magazines, free games, and over two-million ad-free songs which you can access freely to fill your moments with fun and excitement. Members will get unlimited photo storage to backup their unforgettable memories into the cloud during the subscription period. It also provides many more benefits like Kindle books early access, rotating podcasts, etc but they may vary based on your store location.

Getting Amazon Prime for Free

Amazon Prime free

Amazon Prime costs $12.99 per month or $119 per year with fast delivery, prime video, unlimited music streaming, unlimited reading, and unlimited photo storage.

Visit this page and click on ‘ Start 30-day free trial’ to enjoy all Prime benefits during the period. A new page will open. Enter your card details and click start your free trial button again. Amazon will connect to the bank servers to verify your payment method and a nominal processing charge will be levied from your account.

Amazon Prime for free

Students will have an attractive offer for Amazon Prime plans. They will get a 6-months trial for the program with all benefits mentioned in this post earlier. After trial, they can opt either for a monthly plan ($6.49) or an annual plan ($59) to extend the membership.

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